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Beautiful little must have coat for the fall/winter

I was playing around the other day on one of my fave blogs and found this gem of a coat from Talbots. Not a store I typically shop in or really even think about venturing in to find a cutie of a coat. But this one is super lovely. I think it is the color. Pink. Blush really. Who in the world doesn’t want a blush colored coat. I do. Not sure where I would wear it, why I would wear or when I would wear it—but it is Seattle, it does get cold and it is a blush colored coat people. BLUSH!!

I am still here people!

Sorry all or any that read. I have been WAY out of the loop. I went back to work full time and life has been a bit more hectic than expected. I try to spend all of my free time with our little man and feel guilty if I tend to my personal things like, manicures, pedicures, bathing or blogging. Last night was one of the first nights in a long time that I decided to go out sans baby or hubby and enjoy a serious guilt free evening with a gal pal for a movie date. If you have one of these movie theaters in town, I highly recommend blowing the cash on a fancy seat. We went all out and had dinner, drinks and dessert. It isn’t cheap folks, but I suppose if you were going to a fancy dinner spot and had drinks, dinner and dessert you would be spending about the same thing. The plus is you get to do it while watching a fabulous movie, lounging with your feet up, blanket on and drink in hand. Oh and someone waits on you so that is a big plus in my book. We watched Bridesmaids and yes, it was funny. Worth the $26.50 movie ticket indeed.

I will be back to blogging peeps, I have to. My little heart breaks when I don’t stay true to myself, so I promise to get back in the saddles and write. Now if I could only get some mild inspiration for my website/store that would be a blessing!

Love all of you special readers and hope I haven’t lost you!


and it starts out with…the perfect pear

Photo from Eat Make Read site

So of course I have to be tempted to make it right? So what dictates making this drink? Do I need to have a fancy supper party? Do I need to be listening to some Billie Holiday and enjoying a nice crusty Macrina baquette, gooey brie and fresh pears on my back deck? Should I be relaxing in the bathtub full of super delicious bath products? Probably not the last one, don’t need to be in a hot environment AND with alcohol in my system.

When in the world will I make this? But, I am so tempted. Super bowl party? Doesn’t that sound like the most appropriate time to break out this uber-fancy drink? I am guessing the chili and cornbread that our friends are making might not compliment this so well.

Would you care for some lemon in your tea?

I found this site and fell in love with her photos, writing and overall recipes. I printed this out in a hurry (before my son could eat the paper) and decided…screw the diet, I am going to make these and maybe eat one. But believe me, I will ENJOY every last little crumb. I might as well enjoy a good cupcake if I am going to have a cheat day. I will let you know how they turn out—thinking I might make them for my Church fundraiser,  but don’t people thrive on chocolate for Valentine’s Day? Or am I just the only weird one out there that thinks this is so much sexier? MMMM, Earl Grey Cupcakes. Drool…drool..drool.

Photo from Une-deux senses blog

Lollipops and Skittles??

Who knew there were so many other words to describe women’s figures….I had no clue. This article and of course famously British duo, share their insight on how to best dress your body type no matter what noun is used to describe them. I still stick with the whole Pear shape–even though I am probably better described as Hourglass.

Enjoy finding your way…Lollipop?? Really??!!

Feeling “Lucky”…

I just sponsored a child from Namibia at World Vision. I’m not able to post his picture, but I fell in love with a little boy named Lucky who just happens to share my son’s birthday. I felt so compelled to spend an entire paycheck while perusing the site, but I know that one small step can help. I can easily afford $35 per month to help out this little boy and his family. I hope to sponsor more children over time, perhaps a little girl as well. If you are wanting to start off your New Year by donating time or money, please consider this organization. Not only are they local (for me), recognized by my church and reputable…they make it very easy to help children and their families all around the world. All the things we take for granted, water, food, shelter, clothing, medicine—they need so much more than I ever will. $35. That’s it.

I am truly Lucky.