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Charitable shopping

Buy this Tracksuit¬†and you will be bringing on the charity this holiday season. Elie Tahari makes beautiful clothing who also puts his hand firmly in the plus fashion pot. The tracksuit available isn’t specifically labeled as a plus item, but for all of you non plus women out there–go buy it and feel good. For my plus size beautiful readers, get the XL. You should be fine if you are under a size 20. If not—well, you tried to be charitable while rocking a new tracksuit, but just return it since Bloomies has an awesome return policy and find something else you must have and then donate your old tracksuit to Goodwill. That’s charity people.

Any California gals out there want a good deal?

If you haven’t heard of Rachel Pally, then shame on you—go buy a piece or two. You will fall in love and understand why they cost so much and why the celebrity world seems to covet all the lovely new pieces. I have said it before, if you don’t own a piece you will want to after trying one on. They are so comfortable and forgiving it is ridiculous. If you are tall–you found the designer. All of the dresses are extremely long, so you will have to have them tailored (or a fine pair of scissors seems to work for the awesome like me) to have the right length.

I realize not many of my readers are in the California area, but for those of you that are, here is a crazy deal on her sample sales. And yes, she has a plus size label but most of her pieces are generous enough to fit at a Large or XL size.


Maybe I can convince my dear Mommy to travel over and pick me up a few things??? Mommy???? I love you. ūüôā

More info on wide calved boots…

This morning I was woken up EARLY by my little guy, so it was time to check the Black Friday deals—I somehow found this article about the much dreaded wider calves. They give some options for us wide calved gals. So hopefully you can find one or two must have boots for your arsenal.

Black Friday Discounts!!

Here are some ideas for Christmas presents for you, your friends and maybe you again. I am sending details on discounts for everyone to enjoy. Some are plus size discounts, some not, but who cares when you can get a great deal for anyone on your list.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely readers.



Banana Republic




Kaight Shop

Halloween Help

For those of you out there that are attending a crazy Halloween event, don’t settle for a frumpy less than enticing outfit just because you are above a size 12. There are so many sexy outfits for the plus size woman that aren’t extremely garish or too whorish. But let’s be honest, how many times during the year do you have an excuse to dress like Princess Leia, a Pirate wench, a Viking Princess,¬†A¬†Fortune¬†Teller, a 50’s pin up¬†a Swashbuckler,¬†Octopussy….the list goes on and on.

<on a side note, last year we had a costume party–James Bond theme–and my dear friend Hillary dressed up as Octopussy. Find a great cream colored satin robe, some fabric paints and get creative with your Octopus painting skills—curl your hair, put on some red lipstick, heels and there you go. Octopussy–the photo is of the robe that we made together- I free handed the Octopus and then we painted our little hearts out>

Ok, back to the Halloween ideas.

If you aren’t into showing a ton of skin, I will suggest¬†the vampiress–since this¬†is my go to look. Pretty easy to do—black tempting dress, lots of cleavage, high heels, tousled hair, beautiful makeup and some fake teeth. Not much to it, but you still feel sexy and I am hopeful that your partner will see the sexiness oozing out of you and join in the Halloween fun.

If you have always wanted to be a blonde, go for it. Wigs are every where right now. Since I am blonde, I have always wanted a short black bob. I buy those wigs up like crazy this time of year so that I can live out my fantasy look without people questioning why. It’s Halloween, no one asks questions. Go crazy, you can always continue the look behind closed doors throughout the years–but no one will question the outfit purchasing at this time of year. So enjoy getting into character and know that if you feel sexy–you certainly look sexy to your partner.

Go have fun everyone, I am off to find my black wig and those teeth–hmm, now where are they?

That time of year

It is time to wrap up and keep warm. I think the fall-winter months are a plus size girls favorites, however, you have to be able to find cute bulky clothes so that you don’t look bulkier than necessary. Here in the Pacific Northwest we don’t really have COLD weather, more like rainy, cooler weather that calls for a lighter jacket that can transition into cooler or warmer weather in a heart beat since we are never quite sure what we are in store for.

I personally love a nice, clean looking, wool, black jacket for winter. I have been told ( by my husband) that I look good (translation to me—sexy) in white, so I am now looking for a gorgeous winter white coat to jazz up my holiday season. I found one at Nordstroms by Calvin Klein that is simple, but with a little twist. Now I just need the accessories to pop. Nordstrom has some great pieces right now that are fun and inexpensive to play around with. All of the photos I have used here are from either or to make it easy to shop.

Here are my personal picks for must have winter weather wear to keep you looking slim, fashionable and lovely.

Outfit of the day-for Stefanie

Ok everyone, this might be blasphemy, but my size 0-2 friend asked if I would help her find a super cute date night outfit and I of course obliged. This dress does come in a Large, which might be a 12 if we are lucky enough, so all of you size 12 girls out there!! GO GET IT!

Stefanie asked for something romantic and feminine, so I am going to rock this dress out with some¬†sassy accessories so she is like a little precious sex kitten. Guys will be drawn in by her sweet and saucy look. I think¬†if you look like you could¬†bake¬†a mean cookie, that’s a good thing.

All of the shoes (and clothes for¬†Stefanie’s¬†pick)¬†are from and of course us plus girls can enjoy cute shoes as much as Stefanie, check out their selection of funky accessories too. Some of their pieces do come in larger sizes, just make sure to check the size chart for details.

Watch out guys she is ready to get her flirt on!

Outfit of the day-for Sandi

This post will be for ‘Sandi’ as suggestions for the workplace as well as date night attire. ūüôā

Without knowing Sandi’s color scheme preference, I try to be as practical as possible with a the very basics–black, gray, white, tan, navy, and then I only have color in the accessories.¬†This way your pieces never seem outdated, too trendy or boring.

You will need a day to night dress.¬†And a¬†belt that¬†really dictates where you are going. This screams, “Take me out¬†to a French Bistro, Serge Gainsbourg blaring, ¬†let me drink a little too much red wine and then perhaps be a little too frisky at the table.” I personally like when my¬†clothing¬†makes me confident enough to have this inner voice shout out, and I am pretty sure your partner will too.¬†Confidence creates sexiness. And a little black leather belt that is reminiscent of some mild bondage, doesn’t seem to hurt either. ¬†

The accessories are a mix match of day to night pieces. Earrings and¬†necklace are¬†the personal preference touch. I think less is more, since we are trying to play up the sleekness of¬†the dress and belt. ¬†Really the bag is the only piece that might need to change from day to night. You can always hide the little darling of a bag into the larger work piece and throw in the essentials, lip gloss, keys, cell phone, credit card, id and minty gum. ūüôā

And now for the shoes. With this dress you can really decide if you want to wear high or low heels. During the day I prefer wearing lower heels so that I don’t pass out when I need to really sassy it up on my date. These boots can be worn with this dress during the day, they are low enough to be comfortable and sleek enough to pull it off at night if you forget to bring another pair of shoes. The low boot is a perfect boot for larger legs/calves. You want to show off the ankle, not cover it with a shoe boot. Showing that you have an ankle with a dress is always a good thing to make your legs appear longer and leaner. I am a huge fan of opaque tights. Have been since I was 16. Whatever brand you like–get some black opaque or dark charcoal gray opaque to go with this dress. Spanx are always a girls best friend, but remember to take them off right before you head home to the bedroom–you want to feel sexy, not trapped inside your own pantyhose.

Hopefully this will brighten up your day or night. This piece will bring you many happy date nights to come, oh and I guess I should mention that yes, you will look mighty professional, sleek and like a million bucks at work too.

BUY ME and Outfit of the day in one

I love Rachel Pally clothing. Her pieces are comfortable, wearable and forgiving. I guess I forgot hip, stylish and sexy as well…

If you are looking for some wonderfully comfortable pieces that make you feel like you want to wear around the house all day, in bed and out to pull weeds (they are that comfortable), then buy a piece or two right now at Bloomingdales. Just add a unique scarf, necklace or bracelet to any of these pieces and you have a go to comfort piece that screams out sexy as well. Nordstrom has some amazingly cute fall shoes, so go exploring (suggested pairs all from Nordstrom).

Here are some fun fall accessories and fun websites to explore for your own personal touch.

 Available at

Jackie Bag in GreyLainey Feather Headbandavailable at