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Anyone that knows me knows that I am absolutely addicted to cosmetics and the latest and greatest beauty gadgets. I recently found a new hair product that I must share with all of you. And if you have the attitude of–been there-done that, then sorry. I am a newbie to this line of products and am absolutely in love.

My hair is frizzy, wavy and living in the Pacific Northwest doesn’t seem to help much when I am trying to keep my hair nice and sleek. Although my mom and Grandma love my little baby curls that form around my face when I sweat or take a shower. Pretty much I look like a precious little girl when I am trying to do my best in my hot yoga class. When I went to get my hair done a few weeks back, the stylist told me she wasn’t used to the new products the salon had. She just went for it and used one of their shampoo and conditioner on my frizzy hair to help calm it down and the bonus, it smells amazing. So I won’t hold you in suspense anymore—the products–Davines.

The shampoo that she used on me was the Love, and I did–I fell in love with the smell and feel of my hair. The smell reminds me of grapefruit and roses, but I am sure there are several other fancy things involved. The price point wasn’t too bad, and I have spent MONEY on hair products, so $25 for a bottle of shampoo is cheap in my¬† mind. The conditioner works wonders and is thick and also smells amazing. It actually seems to rinse out better than I expected and doesn’t leave your hair greasy or feeling thick with product. I found an online store that sells it for a mild discount–and I would highly recommend trying it out if you have frizzy waves like me. If you don’t–they have several other products that I am sure would fit your hair styling needs just perfectly.

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  1. Something tells me that I’ll be needing these once I move up there what with all the moisture in the air. That is one thing I will miss about living in Cali. I had straight silky hair without much effort…sigh…

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