Valentine’s Day is right around the corner

Some of you may say, “Who cares!” and others might go all out with hearts galore, red, pink and little glitter sprinkles covering every inch of your home. I am somewhere in between these two, but I do have all the glittery and shiny hearts to hang up high. I also love to partake in the baking portion. This year since one of my resolutions was to bake and NOT eat the lovely items I create, I have excitedly accepted the challenge of going all out for  our Church fundraiser/Bake sale. I went a little overboard yesterday at the craft store, but again it’s all for a good cause right? I don’t need the food or the money–so I might as well make it look so amazing that people can justify buying a dark chocolate raspberry brownie for $5. We will just have to see.

Another Valentine’s Day offering? Sexy lingerie. I already pretty much covered it at Christmas time, but this item was certainly a new one and it does scream out Valentine’s Day.

I suppose we can all enjoy Valentine’s Day in our own way. I personally enjoy baking for others so that’s how I will appreciate it this year. The day after Valentine’s Day is when I met my dear honey—we always celebrate that day instead. Easier to get a reservation! Don’t know what we will do this year, probably low key and keep it at home since our son keeps us on our toes.

Smooshy Love, Squishy Love, Snuggly Hugs, Sloppy Kisses and all that other junk to all of you who actually read. THANK YOU and Happy Valentine’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day is right around the corner

  1. Hey Lady….I read! Happy Valentine’s day to you! And happy meeting your hubby day….please just give me TMI about how you celebrate the day. 🙂

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