Loving this website today

I love Asos. Seriously, I wish I had $5000 to spend there and also was a size 4. That last bit might be awesome since then I could buy all the tiny cute stuff that I would absolutely never wear. So many things to look at, not sure what to do here. I would say I could make an outfit of the day, but no one has put in a request lately (don’t blame them as I have been VACANT) so I would really be making one for myself. Probably the best person to make one for, but that doesn’t seem fun today.

My husband is sick, my little one is sleeping so I have been trying to do things this weekend that I wouldn’t normally be doing. Blogging seems to be one of them. I have had some free time and I don’t feel guilty leaving little man with big man while I take an hour to peruse the Internet and gather up some inspiration.

Lately inspiration has been in food. I have been a baking fiend. I have made so many blackberry (free) crumbles over the last week that I decided to go outside my comfort zone and make, **shocking disbelief* nectarine and blackberry crumbles. Yes, I am going absolutely insane over here. So creative it hurts. But they are delish. My inspiration comes from this lovely little blog.

So now back to clothing. Food, size 4…bad, bad.

Here are a few of my drool covered finds. I am absolutely in love with the poncho and cowboy boots. I know people, poncho’s are NOT flattering, but look at it? So cute, so funky! I feel like I fell from the 70’s rainbow sprinkled sky. And the cowboy boots? They remind me of this awesome pair of vintage boots I found in 1994 at this funky store in Berkeley with my friend Emily. We were very hip and super cool (shut up, don’t laugh–just pretend it was true) and we would browse these amazing thrift stores long before thrifting was popular and find really great pieces to wear out on the town. My best find? A purple suede military jacket. It is so awesome that I will never throw that one out. I wore that diamond the night I met my husband and he always tells me how sexy he thought I was in that coat. So yes, that coat has seen a lot and I am sure it has worn a lot of bar scent, not only by me, but by many in the 60’s and 70’s, but it is a true keeper. This coat sort of reminds me of the lines in my beautiful purple lover.

I did find a pair of awesome cowboy boots at that same place, but passed on them since they were a bit small. MAN, I should have bought them. These boots sort of remind me of them, minus the studs. Don’t know if I could pull that off. But I am willing to try. Mmmm, thrifting.

Ok, so aside from the thrift mimicking items, check out these hot pants and jeans?  And if I thought I could get away with it…or be a scary tall size 4, I would rock this outfit like it was the last day on earth.

I am super inspired by the 70’s today huh? Just call me Lonnie Anderson. That’s another story all together. Let’s just say she was my fashion icon and I couldn’t wait to grow up and look <act, dress, copy> like her on WKRP as well as Chrissy Snow. Who didn’t want to be Chrissy Snow? I wanted those side pony’s, super shortie shorts, great boobs and a drink from the Regal Beagle. And yes a little part of me died when Jack Ritter got married (and in real life passed away–so sad!). But I suppose the 70’s never dies and I still get a rush when I watch Cannonball Run and I still love the sound of disco music. Some things will never end. Perhaps this is why thrifting is so rejuvenating??

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