Saturday afternoon shoe shopping

I am a shoe junkie. I am not afraid to admit it, I will stand up in a room full of strangers and publicly announce it. I love me some shoes. When I was pregnant I decided to revisit the clog. I wore them in my early 20’s when the hippie vibe was in full swing, but I never fully committed to them as a comfortable shoe. As a pregnant lady, we try to make ourselves as comfortable as possible and putting high heels on just didn’t sound like anything fun whatsoever, so I purchased a pair of Dansko black clogs and loved them to pieces. Actually, it is almost impossible to get them off of me now and, umm…my son is almost 2. So I have no excuse to continue to wear them other than, hello? They are comfy people! Plus they give you a couple inches in height, and I don’t know many plus size women who don’t want to be taller. Makes us feel slimmer.
So I guess what I am trying to say is, I need to find some alternative clog shoes. These might just work. So cute it hurts.
Plus–they are on sale. Lovely.

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