It is amazing what type of awful junk you can find on the Internet and even more amazing the empowering things that are surfacing. I recently found this site and have been exploring it daily. I am not a super model, I don’t intend on ever being one (to dream) but it is nice to have a place that is purely about loving who you are as a person in this shell of a body instead of focusing on the outward appearance only.

I have been trying to turn my focus on this over the years and this blog is one small step in doing so. I love trying to help other women feel better about themselves and I am the biggest fan of the makeover. But why is it that we focus so much on making the outside pretty? When really all we need to do is know we are pretty, solidly believe we are pretty and live as today is our last? I might be a little soap boxish here–but really?? why in the world do I and everyone else spend so much time obsessing over the exterior shell? We all have one. We are all different. And we are all beautiful. Period. End of story. So who out there dictates why we are or aren’t beautiful? And why do we follow or believe what other people tell us? Why and when does this start? Why would I NOT feel beautiful?

I don’t understand it. It is the most puzzling thing to me. When do we NOT feel beautiful? I have a son, I tell him constantly how much I love him and how amazing he is. He has no concept of beauty or who is worthy of love over another. So when will he learn this? Will I teach it to him without knowing I am? I don’t want to be that person who teaches him that someone is more beautiful over another, but I am sure that bias seeps down from somewhere–from layers and layers of learned behaviour. I myself follow it constantly. I want to stop. I am trying to stop. I am trying to start with myself. I need to set an example for  my child. I need to set an example for myself.

Enough soap box talk.

The bottom line is this, I want to feel beautiful, honestly, sincerely, deep, intense, amazingly strong knowledge of how beautiful I am. I don’t mean this as the shell of my body. I mean as a person-shell and all.

So how do I do this?

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