Guest blog spot: Fall picks <3

Well,its Thursday, which is no different than any other day of the week, but for all you lucky (and awesome) followers of Thepearmercantile, today is a special day because I (the other Sara, yes we have the same name) will be guest blogging with some of favorite Fall picks.

Lets start off with the basics — I’m almost 25, and not the size I was at 13. That being said, I still want to dress 25 – and is it just me, or is this becoming increasingly difficult? The stuff in stores, how to put it mildly….sucks. Retailers are severely lacking in the “flattering clothes for all sizes” department, and no I don’t want to wear a shapeless dress with kitty cats on it. So, online shopping shall we? There are amazing plus size designers and boutiques out there, but they aren’t ‘down-the-street’ accessible, YET. 😉, if you haven’t been yet, go. Not only does this site carry sizes for ALL  shapes and sizes, from size 6-22, but they have great vintage inspired pieces that are made to fit, flatter, and make you feel good. I’m a lover of all things vintage, especially mid-century pieces for their tailoring, clean lines and amazing colors.

Your fall wardrobe should include, but not be limited to…

A great wool and/or tweed dress — you can pair it with tights and flats, boots, or dress it up with heels – versatile and classy, yes you classy lady. (especially great with a cardi & flats)

A classic, comfy, but functional coat. – Layered with a scarf, jeans and boots, or left open over your new dress 😉

Riding Boots – knee height, no heel or “slight” heel, and buckles. Typically they have a little give/stretch in the back as well for comfort. They go great over leggings, jeans, with a great skirt and tights, and dresses alike.

A super awesome knit shirt for your ‘comfy but still have to get things done’ days – Let’s face it we like to be comfy, and we all have those days where we need to hide how tight the jeans are, and just feel good. Pair this shirt with jeans, boots, or even flats — through on a skinny belt and a scarf and you’re dressed, cinched, and looking good.

Simple sweater – I LOVE sweaters, they are cozy, and classy and don’t have to itch. 🙂 This one has great button detail, takes away from any problem areas, and will stay looking good – the bellowed sleeves with cuffs at the wrist will create a slimmer arm too – mmm yum.

My Picks,

Okay, so with that said, Fall is the best time to feel cute, curvy and classy.

Make sure you find yourself a great pair of jeans (remember, wide-leg flares are BACK, score! They are flattering, and look great with heels or flats) Stock up on leggings, colorful tights, and a great day scarf. Belts, and even a great hat are must haves — especially for dressing up a tshirt last minute.

I’m getting a UK circa 1976 vibe from the Fall collections this year, and I’m loving it.

Go on, feel beautiful. <3








One thought on “Guest blog spot: Fall picks <3

  1. YAY Sara #2….love the picks. I am so loving the 1976 vibe and Dorothy Perkins’ site is amazing. I think ochre yellow is the best color a girl could have for the fall. Love it and love the guest post! Thanks!!

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