So to all of you who read, thank you. To all of you who don’t know me…here is a tidbit.
I am a mommy.
Well there is so much more than that, but for right now, I want to talk about that since it just took me almost 2 hours to get my son down for his nap. Usually, he goes down EASY–and today was not one of those days.
Needless to say my stress level is high. Who in the world can stand to hear their kid screaming in the other room? Now he didn’t scream for two hours, and really he was probably enjoying himself, since at some point I have to just leave his room and let him fall asleep. I hear him playing, chatting, singing, jumping, you name it. Finally I got up since it has been quiet now for about 7 minutes and voila, he was asleep. And cute as a bug in a rug, all snuggled up in the corner of his crib with blankets all around him. I had to make sure he was tucked in tight.
So now I can blog.
Sigh of relief.

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