I have decided that I need to put a light hold on the spending for a few months so that I can get my life organized and my house clean. I have so much STUFF and I need to get rid of it. There are so many things that I have purchased and forgotten about, grown out of (me and my son) or just become bored of and I need to get rid of it.
Several years ago (before baby) I lost a lot of weight and decided I would NEVER wear specific sizes again, so I got rid of everything. Sold all of it. Now I find that I have more stuff. What in the world happened? Where did it all come from? I thought I got rid of all my clothes??!
Now that I have decided to stop spending and just tighten the reigns for a few months, of course I want to buy everything. But since I am not buying—let’s just window shop.
Catalog I got in the mail Anthropologie.

Since I am not a size 2, here is my online wish list for all of you to peruse. Perhaps you can buy a few of these and share with me. Or when you are done with them, hand them off to me. I will love them for you.

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