Winter wardrobe updates–aka wide calf boots

So today I was doing my normal stuff, you know cleaning bottles, changing diapers, cleaning the mound of paper that seems to gather with a 5 year old and a newborn and I found a postcard from Ideel with an invitation to shop again for a nice incentive of $20 off my purchase. Now I am not one to jump right in and buy something just if I get a discount, etc.—oh who I am kidding. Yes I am.

I went to their site this morning figuring I would find something for either kid and call it good. But instead I was pleasantly surprised that they were not only offering discounted NARS makeup but also discounted wide calf boots. Oh and also the new line of clothing from Melissa McCarthy. Alright, I guess I will admit to the damage that was done.

After limiting my NARS purchases to just one $14 item, (that is nearly impossible for me people it really is) I went over to the Plus size section to see if they had anything that didn’t resemble something I would see when I trek into a senior center. I was pleasantly surprised that they were offering Melissa McCarthy’s items…but it was short lived and I was (and I absolutely hate to admit this) not lit up by anything of hers. The closest thing I fell in sort of like with were these hounds tooth leggings.

Melissa McCarthy Leggings

The rest of her stuff was super frumpy looking and baggy. I am all for covering up a little more than normal since that is what I typically do–but my word, everything was extremely oversized and I just know that they would do nothing for my shape. I would look like a sack of dirty, stinky, potatoes and then some. The leggings, pants and jeans were fine, but they all seemed cropped or oddly short. I like long pants Melissa! I like them to cover my ankle, not because I have a weird ankle phobia, but I like them to be as long as possible to give me a slimmer silhouette. For us gals with short and stumpy legs I like LONG pants. Please make me look super tall  dear pants and give me some hot and high shoes to go along with it. I like the illusion of long legs to go along with those LONG pants. This trick has made most people call me “tall” my whole life. Nope. Not really. Even if my drivers license claims I am 5’8…my Dr’s office would tell you I am bold face liar. Shh. Don’t tell.

Back to the website search. I am always on the look out for cute wide calf boots. Most boots claim to be wide calf and only have a 13-14 inch circumference. Uh, ya, that won’t work for most gals wanting wide calf boots. Give us 16-21 inch circumference and we are happy. But please don’t make the boots look ugly, gaudy or covered in weird buckles to somehow make the boots look less bulky. I found these today which have a 16 inch circumference and for extra wide come in 18 inch for the size I need.Wide Calf Boots

Depending on your shoe size, this does go up. They are sleek, clean and basic. Just what I want to go with absolutely everything. Leggings, dresses, skirts–oh now I can get some Melissa McCarthy pants since the boots will cover up how short the pants are. No ankle showing for me!

And now to disappoint you all, that was all that I bought. Boots and some Nars makeup. I was too chicken to buy the leggings since they looked too short, and we certainly know by now how I feel about short pants. BUT–if I were going to shop to my hearts contents, I would put these items into my shopping bag:

This Jumpsuit for $34.99? Huh? Adorable!

This Dress if I were going out for a special evening. (wait what is that…I have a newborn)
Fancy Dress
This dress if I liked short things and wanted to look sassy and grab a drink with the girls
These jeans which come in blue and black. Oh I guess I will take both.jeans
And the last thing—is this sweater. I LOVE this.


Do you see any sort of pattern here? If you haven’t learned by now, I tend to lean towards black in fashion.  I always have and always will. You can’t go wrong and it will almost never go out of style this way. It’s classic. I like to tell myself it’s the French way. Oh La la. Back to diapers. Enjoy shopping!

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