I have been considered plus size most of my adult life–I have teeter tottered from a size 10-26 and back again. And yes a size 10 is still considered plus in the fashion world. I have been in love with fashion and beauty trends since I was 2 years old when I told my father I was going to study in Paris as a fashion designer. 34 years later, I am not a Parisian fashion designer, but I have had a few stints as a makeup artist, hair stylist and clothing stylist for fashion photographers and found that the job part itself was not the reward, it was in the bridal makeup and makeovers in general where I found my passion–the passion for helping others feel their most beautiful.

During my maternity leave I found it increasingly difficult to find clothing I loved and wanted to wear for an important event–and the most crucial of all, feel beautiful in. As I had the time to scour the internet for something to inspire me, I realized that there is not one single place where I could go to find everything I needed in one stop, and easily find classic,well made pieces I felt good about. I decided once and for all to create a website where plus size women can go to find beautiful, well made, classic pieces to add to their wardrobe. Some of the plus size sites out there have an antiquated feel to them and the clothing is dowdy, mumu like and nothing that I personally would ever feel sexy in. There are a few sites out there that deliver on what they are promising, but they are worn by half of the plus size population. I want to bring something new, fresh and lovely to the plus size world.

Just because you need to find an item in a size 14 or 28–doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feel like yourself or beautiful in general. Regardless of your size, you are not tied to shapeless, uninspiring clothing pieces and I am building a place for you to feel comfortable going to for fashion advice, beauty tips, food, exercise and any other lovely little ideas and of course…friendship.


I will be keeping this blog alive until I decide to go crazy and REALLY set up a website with my personal faves of clothing, shoes and anything else that gets my motor revving. So please stop by frequently and see where I end up.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband Martin, my son Magnus and two dogs. Feel free to drop me an email or make any comments. I am excited to help all of you enjoy your pretty pear-shaped selves.

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  1. I need to find my fashionista self. I can’t wear black anymore – it shows splatters and paint drips too much. How do I look totally HAWT when I ‘m constantly splattered with goo?

  2. Sara,

    I love this, it is so smart and creative. Being a “fluffy girl who just turned 40” , and searching for cute clothes is such a chore. I don’t want to dress like I am 60 or older, and I don’t want to dress like 18. Finding something that flatters my assets and makes me feel good about who I am, can be such a chore, so little store’s have something that interests me. I also think there is something to be said about liking who we are, and accepting ourselves for our bodies. So I will say THANK YOU, for thinking of the rest of us!

  3. Tasha,
    You can wear black—remember the 80’s is back with a vengeance, so I say respect the paint splatters and go with it! Wearing clothes for work and play may be different depending on your occupation–perhaps a few inexpensive cute pieces from Old Navy can be 80-esqued with goo and then you can invest in a few more expensive pieces that will never see the inside of your store for anything other than a “yay we made it to our Million Mark goal!” party.
    I can send you suggestions–or perhaps I will post them. An Ode to Tasha.

  4. Sandi,
    Thank you for checking my site out. I promise to bring the sexy back so that us non-20 something’s can still feel pretty and wear something to accentuate the positives. (ie, ample breasts and hips) I can only leave you with this thought—I knew I must look good to someone even at a size 14 when the man on the street stopped me and said, “You are one hot mama jama!”. The norm of beauty does not work on everyone. So enjoy who you are, trust me, someone is paying attention.

  5. Sara,
    I love, love, love your ideas and the way you pull the cloth and accessories together. Stuff I would have never thought off on my own. You are very creative and definitely have an eye for fashion. You made me excited to go shopping for cloth this weekend. It has been an ongoing battle for me to loose weight and keep it off ever since I had my son eleven years ago. Shopping for cloth became a choir rather than a treat. I have to try on 15 pieces to may be find one piece that would be fashionable, flattering, age appropriate and inexpensive. I am 34 years old, 5’1, and size 12. My husband is 3 years younger. So another challenge is to find cloth that would make me look a bit younger and age appropriate at the same time.
    I would love to hear your ideas. 🙂

  6. I need something casual, yet will fit my personality and short legs and bigger tummy! Will work outside on a rainy night! You know me!

  7. Hi Sara,

    Elana forwarded this to me and I love it! Keeps me up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

    See you on Saturday!


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